Your Facebook Page is About to Change, Here’s What You Need to Know

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Facebook recently announced a significant change to the way a business page on Facebook appears. The redesigned pages will start with the desktop version of Facebook and slowly move to smartphone and tablet versions as well.

The redesigned pages will begin rolling out this week so you may not have the new page layout yet. In the meantime, you familiarze yourself with the new features and changes to be one step ahead of your competitors.

What Your Facebook Fans Will See

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When people visit your business page they will now be greeted with a two column layout that puts your update in the right column and information about your practice in the left column. The information shown on the left column is now more prominent, and includes a map, business hours, website URLs, videos and photos.

Previously updates filled up both columns on the timeline, and would alternate posts on both the left and right sides. This look was completely different than the typical newsfeed that everyone sees when the visit Facebook. Now the layout is consistent with Facebook’s newsfeed, which will make it easier for people to read your information and updates on Facebook.

Overall the changes to Facebook pages are positive, but there are a few drawbacks. Custom tabs (i.e. custom contest widgets, contact form widgets, twitter widgets) are now moved under the “more” tab. Because custom tabs are more difficult to find a lot less people are going to see and interact with them. This means that you will need to rely more on posting engaging content and boosting exposure by using Facebook Ads.

How the Update Affects Management of Your Facebook Page

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No matter where you are on your page, you can easily access the most important information for your practice. You can view infomration on the ads you’re running, new likes on your page, unread notifications, and messages.

Watch Your Competitors

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In addition to easier access to important information, the new layout allows you to monitor the performance of your competition. By using the new “Pages to Watch” feature you can create a list of practices similar to your own and compare the performance of your page with their own page.

While this tools doesn’t give you everything you want to know about your competition, it does give you all the key information. You will be able to see your competitor’s total likes, new likes, and which posts were most popular.
Source: Facebook