Optimize Your Meta Descriptions for More Website Visitors

With the SEO and internet marketing field evolving so fast many people seem to forget about a simple tweak that can lead to a big increase in the number of visitors to your website. Meta descriptions, along with the title of your web page are the first things people see when searching for what you have to offer. You only get one shot at a first impression, so making sure your meta description is enticing is extremely important.

Where Customers See a Meta Description

The meta description is the paragraph of text shown that describes each search result. You can see two examples of this in the image below. If you would like to see your current meta descriptions for pages on your website, google the title of each of your pages, plus the name of your website, and you will see your search result.

Where You Change Your Meta Description

Each web page and blog post should have a unique meta description. If you do not write a custom meta description Google will automatically create one for you. While having Google create a meta description for you can work in some circumstances, you will get better results writing your own custom meta descriptions. To change your meta description (assuming you are using WordPress, the most popular website platform) log in to your website, find the web page you want to edit, and scroll down to your meta description area. You should see a something similar to the picture below.
Wordpress Meta Description Field

The Anatomy of a Good Meta Description

There isn’t a recipe for creating the perfect meta description, but there are some guidelines that you should follow. Try to implement as many of these as possible and you will see the amount of visitors to your website increase.

  • Show Off – Can you claim authority or superiority to your competitors in any way? Have you won any local awards, or have a specialty that others don’t?
  • Emphasize Key Terms – If there is a specific phrase or term the patient is looking for you can capitalize the term to make it stand out more.
  • Speak to Your Audience – If your customer isn’t familiar with medical terms or is more of a conservative audience make sure your message reflects that.
  • Use Facts and Stats When Appropriate – Have you performed over 5000 of a certain procedure? This shows a high level of skill and expertise that patients are looking for.
  • Call to Action – Studies show that customers are more likely to click on your website and fill out a consultation form if you tell them to. While this might sound obvious, it works surprisingly well.

Examples to Start Your Way

Bad Meta Description

Welcome to the website of Dr. Bob. I practice in Seattle, call for a consultation at 555-555-3124

Good Meta Description

Seattle Patient’s Choice Award Winner. Create a new you with the help of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bob. Over 5000 happy patients and counting.

Bad Meta Description

Get a breast augmentation with Dr. Bob in Seattle area. Breast Augmentation is a surgery that enhancing the size and shape through placement of an implant.

Good Meta Description

Looking for a better bustline? Our experience Plastic Surgeon can give you the results you’re looking for. Free No-Risk Consultation.