Shots Fired in the War Against Guest Blogging

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts announced today that Google has penalized “a large guest blog network”. This blog network is called “My Blog Guest” and was used for years as a way for shady SEO’s to try and rank websites higher.

One of the biggest factors for determining how highly your website ranks in search engines is the amount and quality of links it has. Because of this, services like “My Blog Guest” were created to help bloggers and internet marketers connect with website owners so that they can exchange blog posts for links. While the intent of My Blog Guest may be noble, the actual use of the service has been anything but.

I have personally used the service, and the vast majority of the blogs and blog authors on the website were extremely low quality. While I have found a few high quality websites, it was apparent to me that “My Blog Guest” was used primarily as a tool to artificially boost a website’s ranking in Google.

Early Warning Signs

Google knows that services like this exist, and they have a group of employees dedicated to penalizing and removing websites that attempt to game Google’s search rankings.

Recently this team sent out a warning to the SEO and internet marketing community with the blog post The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO. In this blog post Matt Cutts laid out the original intent of guest blogging to improve branding and relationships in the community, and how SEO’s and marketers abused the system.

The penalty of My Blog Guest is just the first of many to happen, so I recommend you talk with your agency to make sure mass guest blogging is not part of your internet marketing strategy.

What To Do Now

This strategy has been successful for far too long, so some thought it would never end. But now that Google has taken action to stop spammy guest blogging many don’t know what to do anymore. It is true that with this action by Google it will be harder to rank websites highly. But I would argue that this is a good thing. Now companies can focus less on the old-school method of SEO, and focus more on providing value to their customers.

Some Bad News

Overall the removal of spammy SEO tactics will help everyone. It will create a better search experience for consumers and it will make it easier for businesses to focus on value-based marketing instead of spammy seo-based marketing. It will however force companies to spend more time and money on marketing.

This is because using legitimate, value-based marketing tactics takes more time and effort from you the business owner, and more skill and experience from your marketing staff or marketing agency.

Work with the Best

In the past choosing a low-quality SEO and internet marketing agency meant you would get sub-par results and waste some of your money. Now choosing a low-quality agency will actually hurt you more than help you. Now more than ever it is important to choose a high-quality marketing agency.

Top tier marketing agencies like Seer Interactive and Distilled have avoided using spammy SEO tactics for years. Instead they rely upon creating real value for your customers, and reaching out to interested parties to share that value. This is what the future of SEO will focus on, so you might as well start now.

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Source: Marketing Land